Low cost LSAT prep

As I am sure you are aware, the LSAT is a very different sort of test. It is definitely not one that lends itself to "studying" in the regular sense.

I don't know of any particular book that will help. My usual recommendation for students is to purchase a logic puzzle book. You can find a number of them on Amazon and pretty much all of them are less than $10. Those logic questions, which take up so much space on the LSAT, are the types of things that most of us don't have any experience with. So just getting used to the types of problems that you will see is important. And if you decide to take a formal LSAT prep course later, you will be prepared for the types of questions that you will see over and over.

Reading comprehension is important on the LSAT. One of the best (and least expensive) means of prepping yourself is to download some of the college level reading comprehension worksheets that you can find online. You should be able to find many free worksheets that contain answers and an explanation for the answers.

The LSAT is a time-sensitive test. Thus, anything you can do to improve your reading speed can pay off. In my case, I think one of the reasons I did well on the LSAT is that I read quickly. Reading fast is a skill that you can practice and get better at. Again, just spend some time with Google to locate helpful sites. For instance, you can find some tips here: How to Read Faster: 10 Ways to Increase Your Reading Speed

Reading comprehension is important as well. Again, there are numerous helpful sources on the internet. Reading comprehension worksheets

I am not sure what to think about LSAT prep courses. I know that the prices for these things can range from free (for Khan Academy) all the way to $1800 (for Princeton Review). I just had a former student come by my office this morning to tell me that he had gotten into OU law. I asked what he did and he had taken LSAT Demon course. He said that he had taken the $100 month-long course and that he believed that he scored higher because of it.

In terms of strategy, I would utilize your free and inexpensive resources first. You can then take a sample LSAT test, which would give you some idea as to whether you need the additional practice that a prep course could provide.

And remember that, at the end of the day, the LSAT is an aptitude test. It is designed to measure potential success in law school. I believe that there is a high correlation between a high LSAT score and law school success. You may want to take a minute after getting your LSAT score and weigh whether or not you want to pursue law school. There are many paths to happiness in the world and law school is just one of them.